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Our Mission

Our Mission | SERVE. LOVE. LEAD

Our Mission is pretty simple and straight forward.

Well, at least we hope it is.

First, let's talk about Jesus. We believe he is the unique Son of God sent to earth to show us the fullness of God’s love, to show us how to live better lives, and to give up his life for ours so we could spend an eternity with our heavenly father. Our deepest desire is that you would choose to follow Jesus and surrender your heart to him. We believe that is where true freedom is found. But the choice is yours, our goal is to help arrange the meeting.

​Next, we believe our church exists for a simple Mission.


SERVE  Jesus was pretty clear, He came to serve and give himself away and we should do the same thing. We believe the highest calling of the Church is to serve the communities they reside in. To that end it's our mission to serve our neighbors in Roxborough, Sterling Ranch, and as far into Colorado as we can.

LOVE  When Jesus was asked what the greatest commandment was, he boiled every law in the entire bible down into one word. LOVE. Love God and Love your neighbor. Love isn't always easy, in fact it can get messy. But we are committed to loving everyone, always. We are guided by the question "What does love require of me?"

LEAD  We believe following Jesus is the most important decision anyone can make. In everything we do as a church, in our serving and in our loving, our desire is to help lead you towards the person of Jesus Christ. Every person has to make their own decision about who Jesus is. Our goal is to create environments and opportunities for you to meet the person of Jesus Christ. And if and when you decide to give him your heart, we'd love to walk along side of you in the process.